Style and Philosophy

Designer Diets approach is not to “put you on a diet,” but rather help you achieve a nutritious, healthy lifestyle that you can manage and feel good about while achieving your goals. “Going on a diet” implies there is an end date and that you will likely be “on it” or “off it.” Many people associate the term diet as a temporary prescription for weight loss, while nutritionists commonly use the term diet to refer to all the food you eat and your usual food choices. The word diet comes from the Greek and Latin word diaita, meaning “way of living” or to “direct one’s own life.” Weather you choose to use the word “diet” as a noun, adjective, or a verb- let’s make it simple and get back our roots. By choosing to work with designer-diets, you can help design the life you want!


Sara’s goal is to help you sustain a healthy way of eating for the rest of your life- not just for a month, six months, or a year. She believes that not only does food give us energy, but it should also taste good, be celebrated, and enjoyed. Sara is a food-lover at heart and is passionate about spreading her love of nutritious food to others. She has created over 100 delicious recipes, developed meal plans designed for weight management and appetite control, and has a tool box armed with power snacks to keep you energized.


Designer-diets understands that no one is perfect- we are all a work in progress. Sara welcomes you with an open mind and is on your side. She will listen to your concerns and answer your questions without judgment. Her nutrition counseling process involves increasing your knowledge about nutrition, goal setting, finding your internal motivators, and developing better habits. We will work together to overcome roadblocks, weather they are physical, emotional, psychological, or habitual. Ongoing counseling and support with your dietitian will help you make real and sustainable lifestyle changes. Regular accountability will allow you to be successful in maintaining these healthier habits over time. Regardless if you have struggled with food your entire life, have specific health concerns, or just want to improve the way you look and feel, Sara is here to help.